We are working at:

 Oru street 3, city of Tartu and Türnpu street 7, city of Tallinn 

and in all other cities of Estonia and Latvija when desired. Let us know!

 To get an icon of  Your desire 

or to take part of a cours

or to get materials for painting icons

give us a call to: +372 5580581

or message via e-mail: eintseints(at)gmail.com 

or in facebook

or comment our blog

You can donate to our account: 


Einike Vassel EE612200221053062609



Thanks to the supporters! 

You can get all materials for panting icons from us.

Our artists:

iconographer Einike Vassel

painter Juka Käärmann

assistant apprentice Reet Kauer

Go-workers and supporters:

iconographer-restorer Helena Nikkanen - Anaphora, Egypt.

artist Tove Ahlbäck + in Memoriam.